Last Friday, our founder, Ruth Gopin, was honored to participate in the annual Global Peacebuilding Workshop of the Community College Initiative Program (CCI). The program took place at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) and was facilitated by David J. Smith, a professor of Conflict Resolution and career consultant. Ruth spoke on a panel alongside representatives from the United States Institute of Peace and Alliance for Peacebuilding about the role young people can play in addressing global challenges.

Ruth then assisted in facilitating an Entrepreneurship activity that engaged the students, and challenged them to think about how they can contribute to solving problems around the world.


The students were split into four groups and given theoretical funding for a new venture. Working in diverse teams with colleagues from around the world, the students were give 30 minutes to think of a shared problem they were interested in addressing, and an innovative solution to that challenge. The teams then presented each of their proposals to the rest of the class.

We were blown away by the incredibly innovate solutions that each group presented. The students were thoughtful and passionate, and answered the questions of their peers with attentive enthusiasm.

We were so grateful to be involved in this workshop at NOVA, and eager to continue interacting with and learning from smart, passionate college students!


If you would like to invite our founder, Ruth Gopin, to come speak at your event or assist in organizing a workshop, please contact us